Western Drama Festival
One Act Festival, November 2022



Thursday 17th November, 8pm

The Wilde River Drama Group, presents "With All My Love, I Hate You"  by Lynda Marchal
'With All My Love, I Hate You' is a tense play for two women. Julia is surprised to receive a visit from her one-time friend Clare – and a little apprehensive too, because for some years she has been mistress to Jerry, Clare’s husband, and has even borne him a son. Clare, in a pathetic state of misery following the death of her own small child and Jerry’s hatred of her, seems just to want to talk to and be comforted by Julia, but as time passes it becomes clear that she is deliberately goading the other woman for some purpose of her own. What starts as a quiet and uncomfortable talk erupts into violence and tragedy, with an ironic twist at the end.

The Bo Vine Collective, presents  “My Dead Husdand's Hereford Bull” by Anne Walsh Donnelly
Joan finds it easier to talk to a chair than to anybody else about the bull that’s pestering her, her husband’s death, facing up to the truth about her sexuality, and dealing with the guilt of it all, well she is Irish. Her girlfriend, Sharon, and her therapist, Vanessa are trying to help Joan to come to terms with her sexuality but it’s proving to be a difficult task. 

Clann Machua Drama Group, presents “All Over the Shop” by Terry McDonagh
Husband and wife, Jim and Joan live over their shop, but the question is asked: is this shop real or imaginary? They have a long-time questionable friendship with another couple, Patrick and Matilda. Patrick and Joan are members of a choir but Jim suspects they share more than singing. Patrick doesnt like his flamboyant wife and plans to kill her and she doesnt like him much either – a matter he discusses with, Them, his therapist. The matter is further compounded by Patrick admitting to having feelings for Joan. Patrick and Them are played by Patrick. Whats real and whats not real hangs in the air throughout the play.

Friday 18th November, 8pm

Play One
To be Announced, check back soon!

Doonbeg Drama Group, presents  “Twilight” by John McDwyer
Two old friends who have not met for almost forty years are brought together by a mutual friend. Why are they meeting now after such a long time?

Saturday 19th November, 8pm.

Palace Players, presents  “Life in the Cloud”  by  Tony Domaille
Ian, obsessed with his scientific work, until his sudden death, before which, he discovered how to upload his consciousness to The Cloud.  Now he is trying to continue to live from the ether, whilst his wife, Mary, desperately tries to get on with her life.  All is explored through sci-fi-sequence idea of a dead man’s consciousness stored in the cloud being used for engaging, sometimes humorous, exploration of grief and moving on.

Phoenix Players, presents "Deadline Dawn"  by Anthony Booth
The action takes place in a room of a tenement building in a Middle East City in the early 1980s as a group of terrorists wait to see if the Government will pay the ransom to rescue the Israeli girl they have kidnapped.