Western Drama Festival, March 2019

Synopsis of Plays

Friday 1st March
Wexford Drama Group, Co. Wexford
"Rabbit Hole" by David Lindsay Abaire (Drama)

Rabbit Hole, a drama, has themes of family, love, closure; faith and science emerge during the characters’ search for comfort and clarity in their nonsensical situation following the tragic loss of their beautiful child.

Saturday 2nd March
Brideview Drama Group, Co. Waterford
"Philadelphia Here I Come" by Brian Friel (Comedy/Drama)

With this drama Philadelphia Here I Come! you have to continually remind yourself just how groundbreaking it was, the language is beautifully evocative and will stay forever in your mind .The theme of the play, emigration, ,is very relevant as our young people immigrate for horizons new!. Friel’s tender portrait of lives suspended between memory and hope, a misty past and uncertain future, seems forever vivid, frozen in time that is until March 2nd!

Sunday 3rd March
Doonbeg Drama Group, Co. Clare
"Fool for Love" by Sam Shephard (Drama)

The play focuses on May and Eddie, former lovers who have met again in a motel in the desert. Through searing truth and dark humour, Fool for Love shows the story of two people who just can't live without each other whether they like it or not.

Monday 4th March
Cloonacool Drama Group, Co. Sligo
"I Do Not Like Thee Dr Fell" by Bernard Farrell (Comedy/Drama)

Dr Fell’ pokes fun at the whole concept of ‘therapy groups’, which makes for a hilarious comedy as a group of people with lots and lots of secrets to hide are encouraged to share by the flakey group therapist!

Tuesday 5th March
D.A.D.S Dunmore, Co. Galway
"The Factory Girls" by Frank McGuinnes (Drama)

The Factory Girls tells the story of five working women under the threat of devastating job loss; the “girls” take matters in to their own hands. The play was the stunning debut of Frank McGuinness, one of Ireland’s greatest living playwrights. The Factory Girls features a superb ensemble cast who will deliver every ounce of wit and banter that gives this wonderful play its real joy.

Wednesday 6th March
Ballyshannon Dramatic Society, Co. Donegal
"The Importance of Being Earnest" by Oscar Wilde (Comedy)

A beautifully funny period drama, you could watch again and again… When Algernon discovers that his friend, Ernest, has created a fictional brother for whenever he needs a reason to escape dull country life, Algernon poses as the brother, resulting in ever increasing confusion. The staging of this play is fabulous and vividly colourful and the story is full of fun and charming romance.

Thursday 7th March
 Compantás Lir, Claregalway, Co. Galway
"Same Old Moon" by Geraldine Aron (Comedy)

It is funny, moving and seriously entertaining play Recollections from Brenda, portraying her life. We follow her from age nine to her mid-forties, Her life story, as seen through her eyes, portrays her eccentric and sometimes fiery Irish family. With many very funny vignettes. The staging of this play and its ambiance is captivating.

Friday 8th March
Clann Machua, Kiltimagh, Co. Mayo
"The Loves of Cass Maguire" by Brian Friel (Drama)

This is a very dramatic story of a woman (Cass), who after fifty-two years of romping as a saloon waitress in America goes home to Ireland. Nothing is as Cass envisioned it and she begins sharing her colourful memories of how she lived and the characters she spent time. Cass loves to get a good reaction and embellishes her stories to good effect.

Saturday 9th March
 Prosperous Dramatic Society, Co. Kildare
"Enemy of the People" by Henrik Ibsen adapted by Rebecca Lenkiewicz (Drama)

The political drama — about a scientist who tries to save his town from water pollution, only to wind up as a scapegoat — is being revived in several new productions across the United States. The central character, Dr. Stockmann has discovered that the new baths built in his town are infected with a deadly disease and instructs the town to repair or close the baths. The Mayor, who is Dr. Stockmann's own brother, refuses to close the baths because it will cause the financial ruin of the town. In a public meeting, he has his brother declared an enemy of the people. The doctor must stay and fight for the things he believes to be right.