St Brigid's Hall Theatre - Technical Information


Stage Specifications

Stage Floor

Timber (painted black).


via backstage annex


Located immediately outside the proscenium
operated by a pulley wheel located stage right

Proscenium Width

6,800mm (from pros to pros)

​Proscenium Height

3,660mm (from stage floor to proscenium pelmet)

Proscenium Pillar

Depth 350mm

Proscenium to stage curtain

Depth 300mm

Stage Width

10,640 mm (from side wall to side wall behind proscenium)

NB: Restricted area stage left behind proscenium: (Platform and stairs entrance from auditorium) 

Headroom 2,060mm,  
Width to stairs 980mm  
Depth of stairs area 1100mm

Restricted platform area stage right:  
Headroom 1,980mm  
Width to platform 760mm  
Depth of platform 670mm

Stage Height

1,200mm (from auditorium floor to stage)  
4,300mm approx. (from stage floor to lighting bar)

Stage Depth

5,200mm (from curtain line to back wall)

Apron (Stage Extension)

Extended depth: 750mm (from curtain line)
Extended width stage right: 1,800mm  
Extended width stage left: 900mm

Overall Stage Depth
(NB: Additional Stage Apron Extension installed for 3-Act Festival only, New Overall Stage Depth: 6,700mm)

Masking Drapes:

Located in front of back wall  
movable on wire line (positioned 170mm forward of back wall)  
3 x legs on both side bars, SL & SR


1 Cyclorama cloth.
Width: 6,500mm (approx)
Drop: 4,000mm (approx)
NB: Not in situ


Annex area at rear of stage with double door entrance stage left and single door stage right.

Stage Entrance

Stage left, adjacent to external entrance and dressing rooms.

Front of House Lighting Catwalk

Width: 9,600mm  
Access via upstairs dressing room

FOH to Stage Curtain Line

9,200mm approx.

Auditorium Wall Lantern Holders

Height 4,200 mm (from auditorium floor)
6,900mm (approx. angle distance to edge of curtain line)


Lighting Specifications

Lighting Control System

ETC Element 2 (1024ch output)4331A1011-EU SALE
2 x Hannspree HT225 HPB Touch Monitor 21.5"
Proplex opto-splitter mini RDM, 1x5pin In / 1x5pin Thru / 4x5pin Out  

Lighting - LED
10 x ColorSource Spot Junior (Deep Blue), c/w 25/50 Zoom Lenses
16 x ColorSource Fresnel V, c/w ETC S4 PAR Barn Door.
9 x ETC ColorSource CYC


1 x 4way 1kw Black Box Dimmer
4 x 26deg Source 4 Profiles

Sound Equipment

1 x Behringer mixing desk
2 x speakers front of house
2 x speakers on stage (portable 1 SL, 1 SR)
1 x CD Player
​1 x microphone multi core stage box

Additional Equipment & Information

Additional Equipment

4 x stands (height 240cm approx.)
2 x stands (height 150cm approx.)
2 x ladders for access to on stage lighting bars
Extension tails

Additional Information

Lighting & Sound operating desks and house lights control are located together at the rear of the balcony
Access to the balcony via stairs in entrance Foyer
FOH lights access via upstairs dressing room
Dressing Rooms x 2 located off stage left