Western Drama Festival
One Act Festival, November 2023

Thursday 16th November, 8pm

The Breffni Players, presents "Being Norwegian"  by David Greig
Sean, just out of prison, invites Lisa back to his flat for a drink. Lisa says she's Norwegian. Is Sean Norwegian too? In this dark, funny encounter two outsiders reach out to each other across the deep fjords of the heart.

Glenamaddy Players, presents  “The Henhouse” by Tara Maria Lovett
An untimely end to a relationship has left Lily Maher with many unanswered questions. As she recalls that fateful night it begins to play itself over in front of her eyes. Will she finally get what she was due?

Cloonacool Players, presents  “The Quiet Land” by Malachy McKenny
Two elderly farmers, Eamon and Nashee, meet at a gate on a remote hillside. These men are old friends, old rivals, old neighbours. They are men of heart, of humour, of hardness. Their conversation is a throwback to a gentler time, when silence was as telling as declaration and meaning was more often found between the lines than on them. But there's nothing gentle about today's conversation. In facing the bitter reality of their remote defiance, Eamon and Nashee have grown fearful and desperate. Now they are forced to confront each other with some heartbreaking truths that test their friendship to its limit. After today, will they ever again talk on this hillside?

Friday 17th November, 8pm

Ray Leonard Players, presents "A Night without Stars"  by Carl Nuzum
A powerful drama that focuses on life, relationships and memory. It centres on the main character attending a funeral. A mixture of dark comedy and tragedy, the play explores how our actions can have life-long consequences. Adult theme. 

Butt Drama Circle, presents  “The Root of All Evil” by Conor Malone
In the distant mists of the past there is a small village. Each morning the Baker bakes his bread and brings it to the market where he trades it for fish, miks, eggs - all the things his family needs. It's a barter system where everybody contributes and nobody goes without. One day a mysterious stranger arrives. He has nothing to trade. Instead he offers to pay with....coin. What effect will the introduction of this new 'coin' have?

Oakhill Players, presents  “The Chip Van Plays Dixie” by Robert  Iles
This is a poignant comedy set on a park bench outside a cemetery where two strangers meet. Gary a local man who has lost his wife and Babs a woman on her way to Australia who feels she has lost everything. 

Saturday 18th November, 8pm

Cornmill Theatre, presents "Clarity at Last"  by Charlie McGuinness
The play concerns itself with prunes, observations and memories. A man in a chair, his daughter and a clob detail the events of an evening in their lives. And in their own individual ways they all find some sort of clarity.

Conna Drama Group, presents  “Bobby Gould in Hell” by David Mamet
This is Bobby Gould's day of reckoning. The conniving movie mogul from Speed the Plow awakes in a strange room. A loquacious interrogator in fishing waders enters. Gould argues his case. A women he has wronged appears and gets so carried away that she says some sassy things to the interrogator. In the end, Bobby is dammed for being 'cruel without being interesting'

Corofin Dramatic Society, presents  “Opening Night” by John Clancy
Ella Black is a famous actress preparing for her role as Lady Macbeth on opening night when she is confronted by her past. What comes to light may end her career, a career she gave up so much to achieve.